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Currants and Gooseberries

The strong flavor of Black Currants is familiar to most European but fairly new to the American palate. They are used mostly in jam and juices, and are high in vitamin C, potassium and bioflavinoids.

Because Ribes species can serve as an intermediate host for the White Pine Blister Rust fungus, they are still banned in several states, although the Federal ban was lifted in 1966. The black currant cultivars “Consort” and “Titania” are highly resistant to white pine blister rust. In 2003, following studies done at Cornell re-assessing the risk to white pines, New York made it legal to grow red currants, gooseberries and all cultivars of black currants in the state.

We ask that customers concerned with local laws in other states consult their State or County Conservation Department.

Cold-Hardy Currant and Gooseberry Plants for Sale (2024):