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We are proud to offer the widest selection of cold-hardy pear varieties available in the USA.


The rootstocks we use for our pear varieties are Pyrus communis and Pyrus ussuriensis. These are hardy and vigorous growers which produce a standard or full-size tree.  (For more information on why standard rootstock is important, click here, and read the section titled "Rootstock").


Plant pear trees about 20 feet apart.


Most pear cultivars need to be cross-pollinated by a different variety in order to produce a crop, although a few, as noted in the descriptions, are self-fruitful.

How long before it fruits?

A pear tree from our nursery, if planted in good soil and maintained adequately by its new owner (rabbit protection, mulching with manure, attention to pests,) should yield its first fruits in 4-5 yrs.

 Hardiness Key:
E — Extremely hardy, to -50F or colder.
V— Very hardy, to -50F with occasional winter injury.
M— Moderately hardy, to -40 F with occasional winter injury.
P — May need extra protection. Hardy only to -30 or -40 F.

Cold-Hardy Pear Trees for Sale (2024):